About Me

To sum up my photographic life so far, basically I took tons of snapshots growing up.  But it’s only been since early 2009 that I dove in completely and really tried to learn how to improve.  I’m comfortable with the technical side of photography, while continuously learning the compositional part.  Pretty much I’m hooked on learning… and of course, hooked on gadgety gear.

Entries to this blog will mostly be aimed at beginners, but some ideas could help anyone.  My main goal is to pass along the info that I’ve found most helpful in my never-ending journey….such as things I wish I knew earlier on, or mistakes I’ve made that could have been avoided. 

I feel that offering useful info rather than hording it is beneficial to everyone.  It makes me feel good, so why not do it!?

Every now and then I’ll offer a random humorous story or two, or share some thoughts on gear/books, etc.  Whichever way this evolves, I hope you enjoy.

Now go out and practice!



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